Testimonials and Reviews

Here are some of our favorite testimonials.

The trust I’ve had in Michael Shay to get the impossible shot right, stay on brand, and deliver on time—no matter what I threw at him—was built on years of creative and honest collaboration. For 13 years, the crew at Polara Studio has treated me as more than just a client; they’ve made me feel like part of the family. Working with them was, hands-down, the best part of the job.

Elizabeth Stover former Graphic Services Manager

What I love most about working with Polara is that they make you feel like family. Not only that, I’ve always been able to count on them to deliver — on-time and on-budget — and they will go the extra mile to get make it happen, when the odds seem nearly impossible. From recipes, to product and lifestyle, they’ve made our brand shine.

Rachelle Running Creative Manager Tillamook

I’ve had over a dozen years of creative collaboration with Derrin on various projects ranging from unique in-studio shoots to complex location projects. His eye for detail and passion for creating stunning images is unmatched. His ability to story-tell with beautiful images combined with his expertise in complementary lighting is a true art form.

I look forward to all opportunities to collaborate with the very professional and creative team at POLARA. They have the talent to help create amazing images that inspire consumers to enjoy the outdoors longer!

Matt Wellman Global Brand Design Columbia Sportswear

I have had the pleasure of working with Polara Studios for the past 13 years in my role as a designer / art director for the commercial food industry. They are an amazing group of creative professionals, who are totally committed to working with their clients to produce the best work possible. Whether it be a photo shoot for packaging, creating video for digital media, or planning and producing large-scale lifestyle shoots, Polara has you covered. They are always working hard for their clients by listening carefully to the needs and objectives of your project, offering innovative solutions that help bring your vision to life. I highly recommend them for any and all photography and video projects you may have.

Russ Perkins Graphic Design Manager

Polara consistently provides the most professional white room photography so that our customers can see the quality of our products via our online and print channels.

Susan Pieper Founder DMOS Collective